LIFE: 10 things I wish I knew before uni..

Last year I made a rational decision and applied for university.

Bearing in mind I had left sixth form 2 years before and since leaving I always said I will never go to uni. But back in August, I was in a bit of a pickle, my boyfriend and I knew we were moving to London and I had been applying for hundreds of jobs and apprenticeships in marketing. One of the interviews went so badly, I'd applied for a Marketing Assistant role, turned up to the interview and it all seemed very weird. I got through to the next 'round' which was a trial day, when I turned up I found out by Marketing Assistant they actually meant standing on a high street handing out leaflets for Talk Talk... not impressed.

After all of these let downs, it was the end of August, and I knew universities were still offering places through clearing and I just went for it! Within two days I had gone from having no idea what I was going to do, to writing a personal statement, doing lots of research, applying for numerous universities, getting offered a place and accepting my place at London South Bank University to study Marketing with Management. I was in complete shock and had no idea what I had signed myself up for!

However, I do wish someone told me these 10 things before I started at university:

1. It is totally acceptable to be completely overwhelmed, I still feel like I can never get on top of my work.

2. The £9,000 you pay a year doesn't always include printing. Can you believe it.

3. It also doesn't mean that most of your lecturers will turn up on time..ever.

4. Three quarters of your class don't really want to be there and this is the most frustrating, uninspiring thing in the world. But try to stick with those with similar objectives and if you can - work with these people when you're set group work!

5. University Librarians .. need I say more.

6. The 'core reading' list is longer than your arm. If you bought them all you would probably spend the entirety of your loan. Speak to your lecturers and ask which books are really important and always check on Amazon - you can normally buy used copies that honestly look like they haven't even been opened for a fraction of the price!

7. Don't bother spending time making sure emails to your tutor are formal, they will probably reply with:

"OK Kirkby,

sent from my iPhone."

8. Become a savvy shopper -  spend that £12 on an NUS card, sign up for a free UNiDAYS account and if your university is far from home, invest in a railcard!

9. You will always miss your Mum's cooking. There have been countless times I've rang my mum asking for her recipes - the best thing to cure feelings of homesickness.

10. ENJOY yourself. It won't last forever.

I hope you all enjoyed my post,
Please do let me know if you're planning to go to university or what you wish you were told before you started too!


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