Healthy kitchen essentials!

I apologise for being MIA recently! I've been focusing on my studies, as it's that time in the semester where deadlines come around too quickly and juggling 18253 assignments at once is extremely stressful.

I thought I'd take a break between writing about my Big Adventure, and am going to talk about healthy cupboard staples that I've been loving over the last few months.

One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to eat less sugar and try to find healthy alternatives, to get me ready for this I purchased a few new cooking books and can safely say I am now obsessed with cooking books and enjoy cooking so much more now!

A few of the books I purchased are:
1. Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward, I had been following Ella on Instagram for a while and her food pictures would make my mouth water, Even though I am not a vegetarian I use so many of her recipes and love to tweak them a tad, by throwing in some chicken or fish!
2. Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks (other wise known as the body coach), this is an amazing book! It's split into two main categories, 'reduced-carbohydrate recipes' and 'post workout carbohydrate-refuel recipes' as well as snacks, and work out guides! If you don't follow Joe on Instagram, do.
3. Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw, another fab book that contains 100 delicious and easy recipes that aim to 'nourish you from the inside out'.

In my bid to get healthier, and have that glow, these are the essentials I eat most days:

Chia Seeds.

Chia seeds don't really have a taste, but they are so so good for you! They're full of fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, protein and iron. I put them in my morning porridge and in a smoothie that I have every morning as a mid morning snack, I make it and take it to work or to uni because breakfast is never enough for me! I swear I'm always hungry ...

Almond Butter.

Almond butter is so tasty, it is full of healthy fats, vitamins and plant protein. I normally eat this with a chopped up apple - one of the best snacks ever. Or sometimes I add it to a green smoothie (that's banana, spinach, cucumber, chia seeds, almond milk, a table spoon of almond butter and a squeeze of honey).

Lemon Green Tea.

I absolutely LOVE tea, pretty much all kinds of tea. But every morning I make myself a mug of lemon flavoured green tea, I know green tea is so, so good for you as it is high in antioxidants and helps natural digestion. But I'm not a fan of pure green tea as to me, it's slightly bitter, but this lemon infused green tea by Clipper is so tasty and really refreshing.

Coconut Oil.

I use coconut oil for everything, from cooking to helping my eyebrows to grow, you name it. When I cook I don't use any other oils anymore, you can't taste the coconut at all and it does the job perfectly, and the fact that it is has so many health benefits is a bonus! You can also use it as conditioner, moisturiser and applying it to your eyebrows for 15 minutes every day should help your eyebrows to grow! I've also heard that you can whiten your teeth by oil pulling, however I'm yet to try this but shall test it out soon.

Spirulina Tablets.

Spirulina is full of plant protein (great for muscle and bones) and vitamin B12. It is so good for you, as it helps to reduce fatigue and aids the normal function of the immune system. Now, I won't lie, these tablets smell so bad and don't taste so good either, but just hold your nose and go for it. I bought these KIKI Health spirulina tablets from amazon, and you take 6 tablets a day! I normally take 3 in the morning and 3 before bed (I just can't handle 6 at once - too smelly).

I hope you enjoyed my post!
Let me know if you have used or are thinking about using any of my newly founded essentials!

Kirby X


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