Keeping Organised

Hello everyone!
I hope you're all ok and enjoying the sunny weather - however as I write this the clouds are getting much more apparent..

If you know me, then you'll know that I am that type of person that likes to keep everything in it's place. I'm not OCD, but I do get extremely stressed out if things are messy or disorganised. Moving into my own flat in October meant that I needed to find everything I owned its new 'home' and to this day I am still not happy with what lives where. I'm the one who will get distracted whilst doing uni work and start to reorganise the fridge.

Recently I've found adding small things make a huge difference. I bought myself a Filofax so that I could have all of my family's addresses and birthdays written down in one place, alongside all of the boring details for bills etc. As I don't have space for a desk in my flat I've bought some really handy stacking trays from The White Company to keep all of my little office supplies in one place. You could use these trays for anything they are so useful! I also have a cute weekly to do list from Design Letters - one of my favourite minimalist brands!

I honestly find being more organised makes me so much more positive. I don't have to stress about struggling to find something and I actually really enjoy cleaning, I find it so therapeutic. I truly believe having a clean and tidy house or environment helps to relieve my stresses from work or university, I guess it's my kind of coping mechanism.

Sorry for such a random blog post! It made so much sense in my head..
Let me know how you keep organised!

Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoyed it!

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