My All Time Favourite Bloggers!

It's so important for me to shout about who inspires me. I wouldn't be here, writing these posts if I hadn't come across these lovely girls and their blogs/social media pages. I truly believe they all deserve their success and I would love to share them with you. Here's the list of my top four all time favourite bloggers.. enjoy!

1. Victoria from www.inthefrow.com

Photo belongs to Victoria from inthefrow,com.
I've followed Victoria for  about five years now. She has this way of totally capturing the most beautiful moments. Her style is impeccable and she knows exactly how to show off her lovable personality. I can really tell she is so in love with her job and her passion shines through all of her channels. Victoria is so down to earth and this makes me love her content even more.

Follow Victoria here..
Blog: www.inthefrow.com
Snapchat: inthefrow
Twitter: @inthefrow
Instagram: @inthefrow
Youtube: inthefrow

2. Georgie from www.asyouwishuk.com

Photo belongs to Georgie from asyouwishuk.com

I met Georgie a few months ago at a L'Oreal event, it was my first event as a 'blogger' and I was so nervous! I saw that she had the same phone case and camera as me, and a conversation started from there. The weirdest thing was when Georgie gave me her business card (very snazzy!) and I recognised her blog url and realised I had followed her on twitter the day before! We've kept in contact ever since and she is such a lovely, genuine person! Her photography on her blog/instagram is amazing and I blame her for so many of my purchases... Her blog focuses on beauty reviews, travel posts and lots of helpful blogging tips!

Follow Georgie here..
Blog: www.asyouwishuk.com
Twitter: @asyouwishblog
Instagram: @asyouwishuk

3. Lydia from www.lydiaelisemillen.com

Photo belongs to Lydia from lydiaelisemillen.com
I am so, so happy I came across Lydia, her social media channels, blog and youtube are all perfect. She is undoubtedly one of the best in her field. She has so much attention to detail but still manages to show her hilarious personality through all of her work. Lydia has a wardrobe to die for, but I can safely say she is very humble about her luxury purchases (not that she has to justify it, she just prefers to let everyone know that she didn't just walk in to Chanel and spend £5,000 within a heartbeat). I've actually met Lydia and she is such a beautiful person, inside and out! I think she will go so far in life and look forward to watching her succeed!

Follow Lydia here..
Blog: www.lydiaelisemillen.com
Snapchat: lydiaemillen
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lydiaemillen
Instagram: @lydiaemillen
Youtube: lydiamillen

4. Josie from www.fashionmumblr.com

Photo belongs to Josie from FashionMumblr.com

I came across Josie when I first started my blog. Straight away I followed her on every single social media channel, purely because she is so lovely and her wardrobe is to die for - her adorable dachshund is an added bonus! Josie is a complete natural and she has so much passion for what she does. I genuinely believe every word Josie says, and that's such an important thing for me (however it does mean I want to buy everything she recommends!) I feel like I can really relate with Josie and I actually see her as a friend, catching up with her on her snapchat or youtube! If you do one thing today, follow Josie on Instagram and be prepared to be extremely jealous and you may want to book a flight to Greece sometime soon... 

Follow Josie here..
Blog: www.fashionmumblr.com
Snapchat: JosieLDN
Twitter: @FashionMumblr
Instagram: @josieldn
Youtube: Fashion Mumblr

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite bloggers!
Who are your favourites? I'd love to know so I can find more inspiring people to follow!

Kirby X

p.s. don't forget to follow me on instagram and on twitter to get to know me more!


  1. LOVE this Kirby! I always love seeing a bunch of new blogs to have a gander at, I have been a loyal follower to a few of these (inthefrow!) but I will definitely check the others out :) It is aaall about spreading the love and bigging each other up! Immy x


    1. So sorry Immy I've just seen your comment!
      Thank you, yes my favourite thing to do is spread the love!
      I hope you found some new blogs to enjoy after reading this!

      Kirby Xx


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