Why I'll always love technology...

Just over a year ago I was travelling the world, I'd set off on my adventure excited but somewhat apprehensive. I'd never been away from 'home' for such a long period of time. I'd planned my trip for months, making checklist after checklist and researching places to visit.

I had the best time ever and I would recommend going on a trip like this to anyone.

However, one morning I'd woken up in a hostel in Hollywood, LA. It was around 5am, I woke up to catch a greyhound (if you know, you know) to San Francisco. I had a message from my brother telling me to ring as soon as I could, and another message from my Dad telling me to Face Time him ASAP. I can't explain the sheer panic that crossed my mind. The first person I got through to was my Dad, he explained that my Grandad was very unwell in hospital and that all of the family were there. At that point I had no idea he was even in hospital and I later learnt that my family didn't want to worry me by telling me.

As you can imagine, I'm in floods of tears on Face Time to my family. The phone was passed to my Grandad, who looked so happy to see my face after not seeing me for 3 months (and vice versa!). I instantly saw his legendary smile and hearing his voice was just so special. We chatted and he ended the conversation like this:

"Kirby, don't cry, show me your beautiful smile. I'll be here when you get home, I love you."

Unfortunately just over an hour after I spoke to my Grandad, he passed away.

For that reason, I'll always love technology. It gave me the chance to have that final moment with someone who meant so much to me, from the other side of the world. After that day, I truly do believe in fate.

As much as you go travelling to "find yourself" please don't forget those at home who's love really is irreplaceable.

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