It's OK To Take A Break

As you're all aware, I've taken a backseat when it comes to blogging recently. I've had possibly the most busiest few months of my life and  I honestly felt completely overwhelmed. Having a full time job, studying marketing, starting my own business and trying to have a social life with time for family and friends really does take it out of you, it can be exhausting. Throwing blogging into the mix too? It was time for some R&R.

I'm a firm believer of knowing when to press pause for my own good. I've learned that taking a break is really a good thing and in no way should it make you feel bad or guilty.

In life you truly have to know your priorities and your health and wellbeing should be at the top of your list. This doesn't make you selfish. No one is relying on you more than you're relying on yourself to have good health and to feel good.

If you feel you're in need of a break then don't even give it another thought. It doesn't matter if you take a day off or months, you have to listen to yourself and what you're in need of. I was in need of taking some time for myself, focusing on my studies, spending time with my family and friends, visiting new places and ticking some overdue things off my bucket list.

Heres a few tips for those in need of a break:

Relax. Do what you makes you feel relaxed, this could be a long bubble bath every Sunday, watching Netflix for 4 hours straight or having a digital detox and giving your finger a break from scrolling.

Set goals. During your 'break' you'll have time to think about where you want to be in the future and you now have the chance to sit and evaluate how you're going to get there. Your goals may not even be anything related to blogging, this could be fitness related, or you want to reach out to old friends. Set those goals. Be realistic. Remember that cliché quote? "Failure to prepare. Prepare to fail." It's true, goals are necessary in life, they let us continue to move forward and better ourselves.

Learn to say NO. I don't know about you but I really struggle to say no, in turn this just means I overload myself and end up not being able to give my all. Before you agree to do something, see if it will benefit you and work out if you can actually take on that extra responsibility.

Do things that make you happy. This is the most important tip. It could be whatever you want, just do things that make you feel good. Give yourself a pamper, buy that coat you've been lusting over for weeks, book an impromptu trip to somewhere you've always wanted to visit. Remember, you are your own cheerleader. You deserve all of the happiness in the world.

A huge thank you for reading,

Do you have any more tips for those in need of a break? Please comment them below!


Kirby Xx



  1. Ah I needed this post. I have been feeling super overwhelmed recently. The problem is with Christmas coming up I've committed to a loaddaaaa stuff! But after Christmas I am PROMISING myself time off!!!

    1. Yes, it's so important to give yourself some time off! I feel like its the time of year which is so stressful too! xoxo


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