PERGOLA: Rooftop bar/restaurant in White City

Last summer I got serious FOMO every single time I saw anything to do with Pergola, but I had such a busy summer working full time (weekends and most evenings) and I didn't have the chance to visit the rooftop bar/restaurant. So it's safe to say, I jumped at the opportunity of visiting Pergola On The Roof last month.

When I say instagram heaven, I'm not kidding. I felt like I was sat in LA (minus the view), I'm definitely going to go back on a sunnier day! Pergola is based on the top of a car park in White City - whoever came up with the idea, bravo. I think there needs to be a rooftop bar on every multi story car park *just saying*.

With four restaurants to choose from: Patty & Bun (burgers), 8 Hoxton Square (greek tapas), Salt n Sauce (seafood) and Breddos Tacos, I went with the latter. Then there's two bars, with standard spirits, beer, wine and frozen cocktails! The majority of the rooftop is covered but there is a lot of space to sit or stand out of the covered area!

The tacos and nachos were amazing, reasonably priced for London and I honestly just love the vibe of Pergola! Chilled music, sunshine *if you're lucky* and pretty good views. You can make reservations and I'd recommend doing so if you can - I can imagine it gets very busy especially when the weather is good...

I'll definitely be back to Pergola, hopefully when the weather in London starts to act more like it's supposed to be in summer! There is also another Pergola which is based in Paddington which I'm going to make sure I visit soon!

I love sharing my favourite parts of London, let me know if there is anywhere you'd like me to write about!



  1. Ah I so need to go here before the summer finishes. I'd love to try the Mexican or Greek place - my faves. This place looks like a dream xxx

    1. Yes! Let's go together!!! I'm thinking of trying everything to be honest.. haha! Xxx

  2. This place looks beautiful. I've never heard of it before. Definitely going to visit it if I'm ever in London. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Ah thanks for reading Antonia! So glad I could introduce it to you! Let me know what you think if you do manage to visit! Xx

  3. Wow it looks amazing!! It definitely does give off major LA vibes x


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