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I always seem to be away when I receive my monthly GLOSSYBOX - no complaints though, it's a nice thing to arrive home to! I was quite happy to see this months box in the original pink box; as much as I loved the special summer editions!

September's box is a good one and full of some products (and *ahem treats) which will definitely make the transition into autumn that little bit easier.

First up is possibly the most exciting. I've been wanting to try Pixi Beauty for so long, so to find the Pixi Brow Tamer in the box was very exciting. You know that which makes your hair/brows/everything go all over, well no more. My brows shall be tamed. I've also found that this is the perfect product for keeping my baby hairs at bay - they usually have a mind of their own but a once over with the Brow Tamer and they are not going anywhere!

Is it just me, but does every subscription box/goodie bag etc have a toothpaste?! I'm not sure what the connection is, but I'm not saying no to this posh lookin' toothpaste. This is the Taylor's 32 Classic Mint Natural Whitening Toothpaste (RRP £5), I'm actually trying to be more conscious in terms of which skincare/beauty/products I'm using and I love that this is natural! Taylor's 32 is formulated with sodium bicarbonate and silica to help remove any stains, and so far so good!

Next is the MONU Firming Fiji Facial Oil (RRP £26 for the full size product). As I have dry skin naturally, my skin thrives when I use facial oils - this one contains a blend of plant oils, including patchouli essential oil which is perfect for firming and brightening the skin. I have been using this every other night in place of my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate as I love to mix things up! I definitely recommend trying out MONU, so far I've been loving their products.

The Siligel Blender (RRP £5.99) is the only product I haven't been impressed with this month. I just can't get the hang of it and I don't think I can turn my back on my beloved Beauty Blender just yet. The Siligel blender is supposed to be more hygienic (which I completely understand!) whilst creating an even base *nope I cannot do this...* and only using half of the usual product. Unfortunately this just isn't for me, have you ever tried it and managed to master the silicone blender?! (If so please give me tips!)

The most useful product for me has hands down (see what I did there?) got to be the skinfix Hand Repair Cream. I suffer from bad eczema on my hands, especially at this time of year when the weather doesn't have a clue what it is doing. I have a mild obsession of washing my hands which further irritates my eczema so this has come in so handy (not again Kirby...). The skinfix Hand Repair Cream contains 1% colloidal oatmeal to target dermatitis, eczema and extreme dryness. It has also been dermatologically tested which is really important if you do suffer from any skin related problem! The mix of botanicals and natural butters in the product help to treat dry and cracked skin whilst soothing any irritation and redness. Considering I have suffered with eczema for my entire life I'm surprised I haven't come across skinfix yet, but am intrigued to try out a few more products! A trip to boots is in order...

Last but not least, you remember I mentioned treats? Well this months box also included a Kinder Bueno - a classic favourite! Definitely a pick me up after struggling with the colder and darker days! I think GLOSSYBOX need to include a lil sweet treat in every box, shall I start a petition?

A huge thanks to the lovely ladies at GLOSSYBOX for sending me this box! If you haven't got your hands on a subscription do remember to sign up here with code SEPTEMBER7 to get your first box for £7!


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  1. I'm living for these pictures girl! I absolutely loved this Months box, the little chocolate treat was so good wasn't it hehe. Can't wait for the next one😍


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