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Along with the usual beach cover up, comfies for the flight and that one bikini you know you will probably wear for the whole holiday... I always try to add a few key pieces to my holiday wardrobe each year.

Before spending a week in the South of France with my best friend and her family, eating ice cream for breakfast and reading books whilst floating around in a flamingo (some may say I was living my best life), I hadn't really done any summer holiday shopping *ignore the pay day splurge at Zara. Even though I knew I had another three holidays up and coming!

However I had been noticing certain trends appearing *on my feed* over and over again, some I'm not so sure of, but most, I absolutely wanted in on. Luckily in this time PrettyLittleThing reached out again (I know, pinch me), and I got to choose some outfits from the Holiday Shop to style! Here's what I chose...

This dress is my absolute favourite item in my wardrobe right now. The bardot style has always been one of my favourite trends, the colour accentuates my tan and the material is just so comfortable - especially in the heat! I love that you get the belt in the same colour and material and really believe you don't need many additional accessories, other than a simple bag, your fave sunnies and in my true fashion, enough highlighter to be seen from space. At £25 I think I'll be picking it up in the stone colour too.. (ps. the dress fits to size!)

Next, a very frilly outfit! I usually spend hours picking and choosing items that will go together, but PLT had styled these two items together on their website and I instantly knew that I wanted to recreate it! The chiffon cami is beautiful, perfect for summer as it's light and airy (anything with a wrap design get's a yes from me). I've since paired it with jeans, flowy trousers and denim shorts - I don't think you can beat a white top! The polka dot skort is something a little different for me, the first polka dot item in my wardrobe (I know, I can't believe it either), but they have truly made me realise I need more polka dot in my life, ASAP. I would never usually go for mustard, but I think the colour looks really nice paired with a white top and the tan definitely helps. The material is very lightweight and comfy, I'd recommend sizing up if you've got quite a waist/bum ratio - there may have been a bit of shimmying to get into them! Finally, I added the gold four-layer necklace, A) it goes perfectly well with the outfit and B) to *attempt to hide my awful tan lines... The top is very affordable at £15, the polka dot skort is £18 and necklace is only £8!

And finally, this striped bralet - the ultimate party in the back kinda top. You can get matching trousers but unfortunately they were too long for me, however I think the bralet looks perfect with denim shorts, plain skirt or even a pair of black jeans (maybe once the heatwave is over!) I love the cute tie detail on the back. One key selling point: the straps are adjustable - something I will never take for granted, is there anything worse than when the spaghetti straps are slightly too long and you're constantly readjusting your top to avoid a nip slip...?! The gold oval sunglasses go perfectly and make me feel extremely extra 💁🏽‍♀️The bralet is £15 and sunnies are only £8!

Overall I'm so happy with my new holiday essentials! Each item is on trend, but very versatile at the same time. Huge thanks to PrettyLittleThing for gifting me these amazing pieces! ❤️

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  1. Pretty Little Thing have some pretty good and quirky pieces don’t they! I honestly LOVE that Bardot style dress Kirby! Looks so nice on you! Might have to get one myself!

    Isobel x

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