LIFE: My ‘Happy Place’ doesn’t exist

I guess from a young age and moving a lot has taught me that I shouldn’t rely on a particular place to feel at home or my happiest.

My happy ‘place’ isn’t a place, it’s definitely more of a feeling. The kind of feeling where you dive head first into crystal clear water,  somewhere in the middle of the sea. The kind of feeling where you are so obsessed with a book you don’t want to put it down until you’ve finished the final page. The kind of feeling where you’re just so genuinely happy, that kind of belly laughing happy.

I’ve called many houses my home, each one holds different precious memories. Those memories are moments, not the particular place, or the room or how fancy the bathtub was - most often than not, it's those people I share those moments with that make it so special.

I never fully attach myself to a place because I know in life, most of these places are only ever temporary. We all move, we travel often and we gain (and lose) relationships and make lots of memories along the way. I've definitely visited places that I still long to go back to, to revisit those memories, because that first hit just wasn't enough...

What I'm trying to say, that in this modern time of everyone being everywhere, it's such a beautiful thing that we can have memories dotted all over the world, with people from completely different backgrounds, people you may never cross paths with again. But most of them, you'll never forget.

Make those happy memories, no matter what/where or how silly they may be. ❤️

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