LONDON: Brunch at Harry's Dolce Vita

If you know me, you'll know that my favourite meal of the day is brunch. If I could have it every day (and not have to work or be at university between 10-12), you bet I would.

The brunch culture in London is definitely booming and there are so many restaurants who offer the perfect brunch dishes! I absolutely love trying out new places and have an extremely long list of restaurants that I still need to visit.

I came across Harry's Dolce Vita, which is an Italian restaurant located in Knightsbridge - just behind Harrods. The interior is a dream, the menu has it all - savoury and sweet dishes, juices and smoothies and I was surprised that they don't actually break the bank. Considering the location, I was expecting the prices to be much higher.

Megan and I decided to book in for 10:15am on Tuesday. It was the perfect place to hide from the rain! In their own words Harry's Dolce Vita is reminiscent of the1950s and 1960s Italian glamour, Harry's Dolce Vita is a mixture of legendary Italian charm, delicious unfussy food, inspired cocktails, stylish decor and some good old fashioned fun. I couldn't have put it better myself! The walls are decorated in artwork and photographs, the interior is made up of tanned leather chairs and vintage brass finishes. Such a beautiful and stylish restaurant, with an obvious luxurious flair.

The food was delicious, I always seem to opt for the savoury brunch dishes, and usually (probably 99% of the time) I go for eggs of some kind. This time I went for avocado & spinach Benedict, hollandaise sauce is my weakness.. Megan went for the Coconut chia pot as she is gluten and dairy free! We were both impressed with how much they had to offer, and catered to the different dietary allergies. The service was impeccable, again, to a standard I would expect in a restaurant with much higher price points!

Harry's Dolce Vita don't just serve brunch, they serve lunch and dinner too. So I'm very tempted to head back there and try out their dinner (and cocktail) menu! Italian is probably my go-to so I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

Of course I couldn't resist a quick snap on the terrace - so festive!

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