LONDON: My Love/Hate relationship

Don’t get me wrong I love living in London, for the past three years I’ve felt so at home. But with over 8.7 million of us living in the capital, it really does make me feel SO small. 

I love London, and I absolutely always will. My dads side of the family have always been based here, I’d spend my school holidays adventuring around Notting Hill, waving at the Queen from outside Buckingham Palace and begging to go eat at Planet Hollywood. Trips to Hamleys felt like Christmas and I looked forward to wandering through Wood Green market with my Grandad. However, as an adult, I can’t help but think there is more to life than becoming a robot (a very sweaty one) on the tube, commuting, in silence. 

It’s funny, when you move here you honestly envision spending the next few years as if you’re on an episode of Sex in the City. But at times, I’ve never felt so lonely.

The amount of times I’ve said “we should catch up over coffee or cocktails” and it just hasn’t happened, and probably won’t. Everyone is always too busy to make plans - me included. Sometimes I have plans for the next 12 weekends. (Who even am I?!) There are definitely downsides to everyone having such different schedules, you absolutely have to book in a date in the diary to catch up with friends. 

I don’t think I’m cut out for London, definitely not forever. However, I cannot deny that at the same time, I love being in the city. Having the opportunity to do something new every evening is the biggest advantage! There are so many opportunities and I’ve tried to take on as much as I can. I’ve met friends for life in London. Friends that will stay with me when I do decide to move out of the capital. 

I'd love to know your thoughts, have you moved from a smaller town to a big city? Where do you see your future?

*Photography by @sarahellen_photography 


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